Terms and Conditions

The purchase of goods on the StockFirmati.com website is regulated by these general conditions (hereafter the "General Sales Conditions"), which we strongly recommend you read before confirming your order. 

"StockFirmati" and "StockFirmati.com" are registered trademarks owned by Borelli Store S.r.l., with registered office in Spilamberto (MO), Via dei Marmorari 94 , VAT no. CR no. and Tax Code no. 03023860368, hereinafter "Borelli Store"). Borelli Store is the vendor of the products you can purchase from the StockFirmati.com website. These General Sales Conditions are only applicable to orders effected on the StockFirmati.com website according to the terms and conditions therein. The General Sales Conditions do not regulate the purchase of products or provision of services offered by subjects other than Borelli Store, which may be visible on the StockFirmati.com website in the form of links or banners. 

Recipients of commercial offers
Borelli Store offers the products on sale on the StockFirmati.com website exclusively to users defined as "consumers". Access to the offers presented on the Website is exclusively reserved to buyers over the age of 18 who are registered members of the www.stockfirmati.com website.  The term "consumer" refers to physical persons acting for scope and purposes relating to their business, commercial, craft or professional activities. Borelli Store therefore reserves the right to refuse purchase orders placed by subjects who do not belong the "consumers" category and, in any case, purchase orders that do no comply with these General Sales Conditions. 

Product warranties and prices
The products that Borelli Store sells on the StockFirmati.com website are exclusively original, authentic and top quality products, purchased from the most prestigious fashion houses on the market.  Borelli Store does not deal in used products, however if certain products have particular features (for instance due to the type of material or peculiar weaving), Borelli Store will clearly list them in the individual product fact sheets.

The products on sale on the StockFirmati.com website are purchased by Borelli Store directly from the fashion houses or authorised distributors; in view of the same, Borelli Store declines all liability regarding damages caused by the products, which remain the sole liability of the manufacturer. Furthermore, Borelli Store shall not be held liable in cases where the photographs of the products on sale on the StockFirmati.com website do not fully correspond to the actual product due to the settings of your PC screen or your browser or any other malfunctions beyond the control of Borelli Store. 

All products on sale on the StockFirmati.com website come with a special tag label, considered an integral part of each product.  Borelli Store reserves the right to return products which no longer bear their original tag label.
The prices of the products on sale on the StockFirmati.com website may be subject to change or differ according to the Country to which they will be shipped. We therefore strongly recommend you check the final price before you confirm and place your order. 
How to complete a purchase order

In order to place a purchase order on the StockFirmati.com website, you must have a valid e-mail, along with all the other requisites required by law to sign a purchase agreement with Borelli Store.
You can use the Italian language to place your purchase order on the StockFirmati.com website. Follow the instructions provided below to place your order:
a) After selecting one or more products you wish to purpose, add them to your shopping cart and click "Update Cart".
b) Complete the order form following the instructions provided. The final section of the order form will clearly state the main features of the ordered products, the relative prices (including tax and duties), the shipping expenses, payment and delivery methods, a link to the "Right of Withdrawal" section where you will find information on the procedure, timing and conditions should you decide to exercise your right of withdrawal, together with instructions on how to return purchased goods.
c) Before sending the order from, you will be requested to read the General Sales Conditions and the Right of Withdrawal information note and print or save a copy for your personal use.  You are strongly recommended to read the information provided in such sections, along with the "Privacy Policy" and "User Conditions and Copyrights" for which direct links are provided, as on submitting your purchase order it is explicit that you acknowledge and accept all such conditions in full.
d) Before submitting the order form, you will have the chance to verify all the data you entered and correct any errors.
e) Now simply click the "Confirm Order" button to place your order with Borelli Store. The purchase contract will be deemed concluded the moment that Borelli Store receives your order form.
f) On receiving your order form, Borelli Store will send you an order receipt e-mail which will list the information indicated on the order form (main features of the goods, price, shipping costs, payment and delivery methods, link to the "Returns and Refunds" section) and will then process your order. 
g) your order will be retained in our database and you can consult them at any time by accessing the Customers Area.

Borelli Store reserves the right not to process purchase orders due to incorrect or lack of data, or those for which payment is not guaranteed. In such cases, you will be notified via-email that your order has not been processed, along with relative reasons.  Borelli Store also reserves the right not to process purchase orders should the relative goods be out of stock, even temporarily, for whatever reason. In this case, Borelli Store will send you an e-mail within 15 days from receiving your order, informing you that the goods are not available and will refund any goods that have already been paid for. Borelli Store reserves the right to only accept purchase orders for products to be shipped to the Countries listed in the "Shipping" section on the StockFirmati.com website. Purchase orders for shipping of goods to EC Countries other than Italy can be placed via the www.stockfirmati.com website.

Borelli Store disclaims all and any liability for total or partial non-fulfilment of any obligations related to these General Sales Conditions,  if such non-fulfilment is caused by unforeseeable events and/or Acts of God beyond the control of the Vendor including, for instance but not limited to, natural disasters, terrorism, network malfunctions and/or blackouts.

You will find full details on the various payment methods and prices of the products on the order form, along with shipping costs for deliveries throughout Italy; this does not prevent both Italian and foreign customers from having their goods picked up by their own courier. In such cases, Borelli Store will exclude shipping expenses from the total order amount. 

For Customers who wish to use the shipping service outside Italy, Borelli Store will promptly send a customised quotation for the destination requested, for each individual order; this aims to reduce shipping costs as far as possible. 
If you intend paying by credit card, Borelli Store will send the relative bank details (e.g. the credit card number and holder's name) to Unicredit Banca or another bank who will manage the distance electronic payment service. Borelli Store guarantees that no other subjects will be able to access such data and that this information will only be used to effect the purchase procedure, to make refunds if you decide to return the products in accordance with your withdrawal rights or, if necessary, to report any fraudulent activities on the StockFirmati.com website to the competent authorities.

Discount vouchers
Borelli Store may decide to offer you a discount voucher. There are two types of discount vouchers:
- discount of a specific amount that you can use if your order in Euro amounts to twice the discount amount;
- percentage based discount, this discount is not applicable to shipping costs. You can use your discount vouchers when purchasing the products on sale on the StockFirmati.com website using the relative codes sent to you by StockFirmati.com.
Once you receive the discount voucher code, select your purchase, enter the code in the relative field  and click the "Continue" button. 

Use of the discount vouchers is subject to the following limitations:
- it is not possible to use more than one discount voucher per purchase order;
- discount vouchers applicable to more than one article, can only be used if such articles are all included in the same purchase order;
- discount vouchers can never be turned into cash discounts;
- discount vouchers can only be used once, except for what foreseen by the returns conditions.
If you intend to return the goods you have purchased using a discount voucher, simply follow the standard returns procedure provided in the "Right of Withdrawal" section. If Borelli Store accepts your returns claim, you will receive a refund for the difference you paid to purchase the goods and the relative discount voucher will be null and void.

Shipping and delivery
Accepted orders will be shipped and delivered by a courier chosen by Borelli Store. Please read the "Shipping" section for full details on the shipping and delivery of goods.
We strongly recommend you read the contents of the "Shipping" section carefully, as it is an integral and substantial part of these General Sales Conditions and, therefore, the moment you place your order it is intended that you have read and fully accepted the same.

Right of withdrawal
You have the right to withdraw from the contract signed with Borelli Store, without incurring penalties, but providing valid reasons, within the term of seven working days from the date you received the goods purchased from the StockFirmati.com website. If Borelli Store accepts your returns claim, you will receive a refund for the price paid. Please read the "Rights of Withdrawal" section for information on the procedures, terms and conditions should you decide to exercise your right to withdraw.
We would like to remind you that the contents of the "Returns and Refunds" section are an integral and substantial part of these General Sales Conditions and, therefore, the moment you place your order it is intended that you have read and fully accepted the same.

Customer Service
Please contact our Customer Care service, using the form in the "Contacts" section, for any further information or assistance you may require.

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